I offer:

• Individual sessions starting at 50 minutes and up. 

• Groups for stress reduction. 

• A brief boundary-setting skills program for groups or individuals. 

• Intensive treatment packages for 90 minutes to 2 hours. 

Intensives are useful for clients who want to cover more ground quickly or need more time for closure and recovery than what is possible in a 50 minute session. 

Brief Program: Boundary Setting for Busy Women

Are you feeling stressed out, drained and overwhelmed by your responsibilities? No time for YOU outside of your obligations to others? This is a chance for you to learn the 'how-to's', so you can balance tasks and reclaim your life. 

This 6-week program provides the skills, support and accountability you need to clarify and prioritize your values, communicate your needs to others, modify your current schedule and find balance in relationships.

It's time to decrease the dread from managing too many commitments and focus on caring for yourself. 

Let's do this together! Please contact me for details (561) 508-8809.