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I’ve never talked to anyone. I’m used to handling things on my own. Aren’t people who go to therapy weak?

Not at all. People who ask for help are motivated to change and have the courage to reach out. Everyone needs help now and then. In our work together, I’ll help you explore your strengths and use them to solve problems in a new way that feels authentic to you. I will listen to you without judgment or expectations, and help you identify what is important to you. Furthermore, counseling is completely confidential, unlike sharing deeply personal information with friends and family. 

Why shouldn’t I just take medication?

Medication can be effective but it alone cannot solve all issues. Sometimes medication is needed in conjunction with counseling. Although I'm not licensed to prescribe medication to you, I will gladly coordinate care with your prescriber or provide a referral. The purpose of therapy is to explore the problems you are experiencing, reduce unpleasant symptoms and accomplish your goals.

How does it work? What do I have to do in sessions?

Because each person has different issues and goals for counseling, it will be different depending on the individual. I tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs. Please know that you can be honest and open about what you want and the methods that are working well for you. Also, it is ok to tell me when something is hard to do or you need more support.

How long will it take?

Unfortunately, this is not possible to say in a general FAQs page. Everyone’s circumstances and the factors driving someone to seek therapy are unique. Although some conditions are chronic it is possible to learn ways to improve your quality of life. The length of time therapy can take to see results also depends on your commitment. Intensive therapy (90 minute sessions) are helpful for clients who want more depth than a 50 minute session allows or want to prioritize a shorter duration for treatment. 

I want to get the most out of therapy. What can I do to help?

I want you to be dedicated to getting the most out of your sessions. Active participation will be crucial to your success. I often invite clients to do homework or to give some thought to their treatment work outside of the sessions such as tracking, journaling and practicing the skills discussed in session.